About Cash Back accrual iHerb.com
29 apr. 2016

During the operation of the service, the following questions to the service, you told us:

1. Why the application is rejected.

The applications were rejected because iHerb.com not to charge us the rewards with your purchases. Why is that? You previously passed by the referral links on these products - no rewards accrued to our service, and other users. Read more in the new paragraph 5 of the FAQ http://herbcashback.com/faq/

2. Why is credited with less than 1%?

Same reason. You bought, for example, 7 products have applied. But once passed by referral to 4 types of products, so our service has received awards only for 3. Therefore cashback earned only 3 product. This work conditions iHerb.com awards program.

3. And do not forget to make your cashback private office, from whom he got out of standby of 30 days!