How get cashback from

Step by step instructions how to earn cashback on

  1. Open the browser only one

  2. Clean the browser cookies - press keys «CTRL + F5».

  3. On the main page, click on the green button item 1 "Go to purchases" and get on

  4. Make purchases as usual.

  5. The personal account click on the green button "New order" and indicate:

    a). Buying time (by default, it shows the current Pacific Time). If you immediately after placing an order can be sent to request him not to change.
    b). Codes of all the goods that you have bought, for example - NOW-03156, EMA-00010, CGN-00 715, 00 952-MLI.
    c). The approximate amount of the order, such as $ 100.

  6. Your application is processed from 0 to 3 days to approve or reject, if incorrect. The money is credited to you in the "Waiting"
  7. After 30 days, they are automatically transferred to the balance, and you can order the payment.

How to earn a bonus $ 3:

  1. Carry out steps 1-7, but it must be a new user, we will see it and will credit you a bonus of $ 3 + 1% of the order value.

!!! The new rules came into force on January 14, 2017, now there is no bonus of $ 3. But you can at the first purchase get a discount on the promotional code of 5 $ in 5% on the promo code of our service!