Here we answer frequently asked questions:

1. Why this web site do I need?

Website Herbcashback.com helps you get some of the money (1%) of the amount spent on iHerb.com back. This cashback -site for a refund.

2. How does it work?

You click on a link on the home page for iHerb.com and shop as usual, then apply for a Cash Back accrued indicating exemplary pacific time of purchase, product codes and about the purchase amount of $. After 30 days, if you had no return and the purchase is successful, you will be charged 1%.

3. Why do I have added less than 1% of the purchase?

Case in different conditions in different years iHerb Rewards. If you have an old account at iHerb, then overcharging is less than 1%. In addition, there are orders, consisting of promotional and trial products for them charging at us in the iHerb Rewards quite small.

4. Why do I have added more than 1% of the purchase?

If you have a new account, then in charge of iHerb Rewards can be higher during the first year. Sometimes cheap products bring great rewards and we generously share them with you.

5. Why did I make a purchase through your site, and my application is rejected?

It depends on the product you purchased and the conditions of the program iHerb.com awards. If you make a purchase through our service catalog, but once passed on referral links on this item, the reward will be credited not to us, but to the user on whose link you passed. If you order a product, which you did not pass on the referral links, these awards will appear in our statistics and on them we will be able to charge cashback.

6. How can I withdraw money from the balance sheet?

There are 3 ways: PayPal, Webmoney WMZ, and output to the phone (for RF handsets, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus).

7. What kind of money in the "In progress"?

This is your earned money and the money from referrals. They will be available in 30 days.

8. When can I withdraw the money earned?

Payments users conducted from 20 to 30 the number of each month for the previous month.

Let's say you make a purchase on May 20 that the payment received on July 20-30.

9. What if I made an order, and then abandoned it?

First on your application you will be credited cashback, and after will be visible in the statistics of a refund, the money accrued will be debited from you for this order.

10. I want to withdraw money to your phone. Why do I not see the field where to enter the phone number?

You in your profile when you click on your name (e-mail) you need to select the country where you reside (Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus), and a field to fill in your phone is displayed.

Conclusion on the phone is available for the following mobile operators:

11. Do you have a referral program?

Yes, you will receive 10% of referral earnings for life. Revenues referrals will be calculated from the system of income.